Wrapping Up an Internship at Mozilla

Friday is approaching fast, it will be my last official day as an intern with Mozilla Corporation, but certainly not my last day with the project and overall initiative.

The past four month’s have offered me an an incredible chance to learn, far more than any one job, classroom or book may offer. I have learned a lot; everything from the Mozilla platform to invalidation reference testing to XML User Interface Language (XUL) to reducing test-cases for crashes in the browser to even the vast assortment of brown-bag and meet-up discussions, I have learned a lot. With the knowledge gained, this internship opportunity has been far more rewarding than one could possibly imagine. There is nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to discover and ascertain and to certainly ask many upon many questions.

Four month’s long, I worked alongside the QA (Execution & Test Dev), (that of which include Clint and Heather) team driving forth many efforts within the world of testing. Over the months, I got to tackle quite a few tricky issues that turned out to require new and unique solutions that I really enjoyed inventing and implementing. The different challenges and testing opportunities were each rewarding as they demonstrated the underlying importance of software testing.

See my parting presentation here for a complete overview (no <iframe/> in WordPress) of the major project I worked on in July/August and the test development areas I worked on in May and June .


That being said, I’m not gone yet. Despite a return to my final year of software development in school, I’ll continue to chip in to the efforts of the QA team and other projects to come, only I’ll be on IRC at a slightly different time of day.

Thanks Mozilla and in particular the friendly folks of QA for the first-rate experience!

Take care Mozilla,


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