Totally hip, totally rad Mozilla QA Companion 1.0

Mozilla QA Companion 1.0 Released

Fresh new QA Companion. This version has a revamped design of the former QAC, with functionality for running manual tests, reporting bugs, and viewing the latest QMO news. 1.0 is a vast improvement over 0.2.3!

Download the latest version here

So what is the Mozilla QA Companion (QAC)?

The Mozilla QA Companion (QAC) is a new tool that was created after discussions between the QA team and community about how to make it easier for anyone to get involved with the Mozilla project and help us test Firefox.

The QAC is meant to be an easy way to get community members involved in the QA process. It pulls testcases from Litmus and provides a response form, all within the QAC interface. The QAC also includes notifications for important QA events such as Bug Days, and keeps users up-to-date with live feeds from the QMO site and forums.


  • General QMO tab — updates on news, forums, etc.
  • ‘Run Tests’ tab — This is the heart of the extension. It allows users to get testcases to run and to submit results from within the extension. QAC will detect most system settings and helps new users set up a Litmus account if they don’t have one already.
  • ‘File Bug’ tab – File bugs by submitting a report!
  • Settings/Help (Preferences) — This is for the confused or misconfigured.


You can install the QA Companion like any other Firefox add-on by visiting

Getting involved with testing and development

The interface is fairly intuitive and easy to follow, but please let us know if you have any questions. Find us on IRC or post to the QMO forums. We hope you find the Mozilla QA Companion a useful tool that helps you get more involved with the Mozilla QA community!


– Aaron Train, on behalf of the Mozilla QA Companion revamp team

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