The Open Web with HTML5 Video & Firefox 3.5

Each day, it is becoming more and more evident that the Open Web and the technology of tomorrow is expanding and blossoming into beautifully crafted future Internet.

As Firefox 3.5 is rounding the track towards the finish line, I can’t help but put my personal focus on that of HTML5 video. Firefox’s implementation of the HTML5 video API accompanied with royalty-free codecs, fundamentally progress the movement towards bringing an open video to the web.

HTML5 video truly is fascinating stuff, as Mike Beltzner explains, gone are the days of static videos played on static pages. With HTML5 video, we can treat video’s  like web pages – which makes sense in a dynamic web.

These past few weeks, I have been progressively focusedeyetoeye with trying to dig deep and unveil any remaining issues and it has been fun.

It’s been a real treat observing the progression from design to implementation of this feature and can’t wait to see it ship with Firefox 3.5 and how it will grow in the near future.

Tomorrow is a MoCo company wide internal test of Firefox 3.5 Preview Release, let’s work together to iron out any hidden creases in HTML5 video, and across the entire board in order to bring forth the next iteration of the browser by the people for the people, they deserve it!


Aaron Train (AaronMT)

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