Milestone 0.3 (Audio / Video HTML5 Firefox Unit Tests)

Milestone 0.3 (Audio / Video HTML5 Unit Tests)

My HTML5 Audio / Video Unit Test(s) – Complete

Video/Audio Testing Area Video/Audio Unit Test (My Work)
Video and Audio Test Plan test_readonly.html & test_continueplay.html & test_multipleplayback & test_reload.html file.html & test_mimetype.html & test_tableembed.html & seek.ogg& 320×240.ogg r11025_s16_c1.wav & r11025_u8_c1.wav

Package Archive: click here

* The above are all mochitests, clicking on them will do nothing  – CTRL U to view code*

* To run these tests you need Firefox 3.1.*Running select tests *

To run a single test or a subset of the entire Mochitest suite, use the –test-path option to specify the test or the subdirectory of tests that you want to run. For example, to run only the test test_readonly.html in the Mozilla source tree, you would run this command:

python –test-path=content/media/video/test_readonly.html

To run all the tests in content/media/ , this command would work:

python –test-path=content/media/video

Note that the path specified by the –test-path is the path to the test or directory within the Mozilla source tree. If the path is a directory, then the tests in that directory and all of its subdirectories will be loaded.

My Video/Audio Tests:

  • test_readonlytests that attributes pertaining to video/audio can not be changed or altered
  • test_reload / filetests that both a reload of a window and video work correctly, i.e., playback restarts
  • test_multipleplaybacktests that six or more videos work properly when played simultaneously, playback works
  • test_tableembedtests that the new video element functions correctly when embedded in a table
  • test_mimetypea future test that will test canPlayType() [upon implementation] testing obscure codecs and media MIMETYPES
  • test_continuePlaytests that playback on a video will continue to play regardless if focus is in a newly opened tab

E-Mail convesations with Clint Talbert(Example)

What I learned?

  • October / November
    • Audio / Video HTML5 WHATWG Elements
    • Mochitests – What/Why/How
    • Chrome Elevation Techniques for Mochitests
    • Observers/EventListeners

With the completion of milestone 0.3, I have learned so much from one course over the course of four months that I am tremendously appreciative of. Coming into Mozilla, I had only touched on Unit Tests once in my programming diploma program. Now I feel comfortable in writing any test.

Community Interaction

Unlike in Milestone 0.3, this time around I primarily interacted through #qa and through conversation in email.


Major challenges:

  • (1) Halting focus on Private Browsing and leaping into Audio Visual / HTML5 provided was for me challenging as I had felt comfortable in the area I was originally focusing on.
  • (2) Seeking assistance from those working on Audio Visual / HTML5 aspects rather than those working on Private Browsing
  • (3) Much quieter bug on Bugzilla – a challenge seeing what’s new/what’s happening.
  • (4) Mochitest Chrome Privilege Elevation -> Netscape thing!
  • (5) Picking unit tests that I felt comfortable in pursuing.


Upon completing DPS909,  and obtaining real life experience with Mozilla and that of QA Unit Testing, I feel empowered in the sense that I feel comfortable working on different other assignments like the jump from Private Browsing to Audio/Video HTML5.

Although my, ‘0.3’ is not a product like some other projects, it was a demonstration of my will to succeed and the determination to help contribute to an overall cause – that to which I am proud to be a part of.


If you’re reading this far you must be Dave Humphrey, in that case – Thank You for establishing the best non-conventional class I have taken at Seneca. The knowledge and experience gained far outweighs that of sitting in a lecture room for 2 hours looking at slides twice a week every week. It’s real life experience, it’s the essence of purpose that Seneca provides.  It’s working with real projects, real problems, real issues, with real people. A non superficial course, about time.

“DPS909 and Mozilla, A++++, would recommend”

Happy Holidays Seneca/Mozilla!


Aaron Train

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  1. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on Digg telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

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