Progress on HTML5 <video> & <audio> testing

Testing on the new HTML5 <video> & <audio> so far has been interesting yet rather challenging as I am exploring some new territory. For example; I wanted to open a new browser window from within my test, thus requiring an elevation of chrome privilege. To get access to the chrome level XPCOM interfaces I utilized'UniversalXPConnect');

I need this authority as a test I am working on; a video playing during a window reload should seek to the beginning essentially requires the authority to have access to the current window in order to reload it. Now to get access to that current window I would be looking at nsIWindowMediator interface. As time progresses and despite my being in ‘0.3‘ territory – learning, exploring and questioning has yet to cease. As I have shifted from private browsing to HTML5 audio/video, it has been a welcoming challenge exploring even more of engine that is Mozilla.

I hope to have this one of a few tests completed by Friday 🙂

Aaron (AaronMT)

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  1. Nice post, It sounds interesting. I love to read topics like this. Yes, go on you can have it. I’m a bit curious on the audio/video testing that you’ve working. And I need other info from other Audio Production Software too. Hope you have an idea on regarding on this too. Thanks for sharing your post.

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