My first XPCOM Extension (Lab)

Through completion of my first implementation of a simple XPCOM extension, I have learned an assortment of many unique and interesting things.

On completion of the lab, to which I was to setup, make and install a simple XPCOM extension that adds two variables via chrome interface, I learned that:

  • XPCOM has multiple language bindings
  • XPCOM has IDL descriptions so programmers can plug their custom functionality into the framework and connect it with other components.
  • XPCOM is one of the main things that makes the Mozilla application environment an actual framework.
  • It is a development environment that provides the following features for the cross-platform software developer:
    • Component management
    • File abstraction
    • Object message passing
    • Memory management

Minor detail adjustments in changing this tag in the install.rdf file:

<em:maxVersion>3.0b2pre</em:maxVersion> to 3.1b2pre

Screenshot of the installed XPCOM Extension.

XPCom Installed

XPCom Installed



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