Looking out at the horizon towards 0.3

If you have a downloaded a relatively new nightly or have pulled the Mozilla Trunk trunk from Mozilla-Central as of recent, you will see that Firefox 3.1b2pre has Private Browsing. It has indeed landed! And I must say that the experience I had contributing towards its finalization, in terms of writing an assortment of unit tests, was pleasantly rewarding – both in terms of knowledge gained and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that the opportunity to chip in on the new feature – that will be used by people all over the world –  is something I feel very proud and passionate about.

Now that the private browsing is ready, I will be shifting focus tothe final remnant – 0.3 ‘release’ towards another really cool area of Firefox 3.1 – the testing of <video> and <audio> tags.

Firefox 3.1 now has support for these new HTML tags: <video> and <audio>, part of the fifth HTML revision (HTML5). It implements the WHATWG specification for these tags. So, far, only the ogg-theora codec support has landed.

Essentially, one now is capable of including a video file directly into a web page as though it were an image, as simple as this:

<video src="myvideo.ogg" controls="true"/>
<audio src="myaudio.gg" controls="true"/>

And your audio or video will be able to be ready to go!

A simple test can be written extremely easily (http://people.mozilla.org/~ctalbert/video-simple.html), voila

hi this is a test
<p style="border: 1px solid green">
<video id="v1" src="A_New_Computer--small.ogg" autoplay="1" controls="true>></video>

Both audio and video are live in the current nightly builds of Firefox 3.1, so you don’t need try server builds or any of that.  For reference, one may find the current open bugs here: http://tinyurl.com/63hbvf

At the moment, I am still shaping a scope around what specific testing plan I may contribute to https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Firefox3.1/Video_And_Audio_TestPlan but am eageraly excited to see whats around the corner both with this testing area and with whats in store for future releases of Firefox.

Stay tuned for more coming soon,



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