FSOSS – A presentation/discussion that students would truly embrace

Reminiscing about my first experience at a symposium, I saw a number of very interesting presentations.

These presentations albeit very interesting provided, helped develop and expand our minds in interesting and unique ways. But, post FSOSS 2008 there is a presentation or perhaps a workshop that I and can only imagine majority of other students would be interested in. It would have been nice to have a presentation detailing the topic of how to job search in an open source world.

What I mean by this is, what are the best/most appropriate and perhaps even statistically proven methods a student can take the moment he walks out the college door for the last time.

Is job hunting in the open source world any different than that of any conventional proprietary software firm? What have students in the past done that is different? Is there even a difference? How do I advertise myself? How do I become an entity that is desired in the open source world?

We learned in DPS909 that having a blog and making yourself active online and through communities is best, but what about all the dozens of Toronto/GTA open source firms that scour for employees differently? Again I ask, is this any different than any conventional proprietary software firm.Surely there’s more to it than a blog and a profile, but is there?

Am I envisioning this differently? If I want to be hired so I can earn a salary, I can’t picture these open source software firms posting career ads in a local newspaper.

What have those in the open source world and are actively employeed do to find a place to work, is this any different than conventional software firms?

Surely, I am not the only student who thought of this. I believe A FSOSS presentation that would have raised and addressed this question would have helpful and interesting and beneficial to me as a student at Seneca College. It would best be geared towards students. It could provide insight to direct me for my first steps out the door.

Just my $.02


– Aaron T

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  1. Because it’s a pet peeve of mine, and because it’s your title rather than your post: it is “definitely”. No ‘a’ in there, anywhere.

    Otherwise, fair point! 🙂

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