Private Browsing – Give it a try!

The first bits of the private browsing patch have landed!

As of recently, the Private Browsing feature has just landed onto the Firefox trunk, disabled at the moment, it is to be ready for the release of Firefox 3.1

Here are some quick facts:

  • The cut-off date for the remaining puzzle pieces is by the end of October 26th.
  • A test week for the community will commence during the week of October 27th.
  • Tests have been written (my project!) according to this functional specification, but human testing is still required.
  • Stay tuned for more details!

Technical details:

Details of what landed:

Please, give it a try (try server builds). Tell me what you think – of course, you’ll be a contributor!

E-Mail me your findings of unexpected behavior or post on #248970.

Full details of the landing can be read at Ehsan’s blog.



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