Next Stop: Session Storage

Already time has flown by and I amongst a classroom of fellow peers are working vividly on our first deliverables for our open source developement program. The time is now to shape a border around the next couple weeks to analyze, focus and define our scope for our milestone 0.2 release.

As per the focus of my project at hand, writing unit tests for the highly anticipated Firefox 3.1 feature, Private Browsing, I have selected the next area of analysis, Session Storage.

Deviating from the component named Places, I will be heading outwards towards the component named Session Store – traveling from /toolkit/components/places/tests all the way around tree to /browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser.

This new territory deviates from XPCShell Tests embraces Chrome Tests, which at this very moment I am completely unfamiliar with.

Mozilla Developer defines Chrome Tests as, “…a suite in an automated testing framework designed to allow testing of application chrome windows using JavaScript.“.

Utilizing aspects of the Mochitest framework, I will have framework designed functions and access to global objects defined in browser/base/content/browser.js.  What this means is that my code will run at the same scope as a global browser window.

My unit testing will ensure that private browsing and the session store operate together with intended functionality. Areas of testing will include a focus on guaranteeing that all session data is removed on exit after a private browsing mode session, as well as verifying that the initial session’s time stamp has not changed before entry into regular browsing mode.

This week, should I find time amongst tests, due dates, and the salvo fire of things to do before reading week, I will look at this interesting Bug #346337Form input field data not retained on session restore and practice working with its associated [ chrome test bug].



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