A visual representation of my projects first testing area

So it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and I am utilizing my time doing none other than many school assignments, when my mother asked asked me what I was up to, to which I replied, “reviewing the unit test I wrote for the Mozilla component, places”. Like any normal mom, she has absolutely no idea what that means – thus the problem.

I wanted to show her what exactly what this meant and decided to follow through with a visual representation of exactly that. A quick step by step visual walk through so that she and no doubt many others will have a clue as to what this all means.  What the heck am I working on for my first milestone of DPS909?

So the following visual step-by-step walk through should give you a visual representation as to what I am rigorously testing at the moment as a first testing area for my project.

First we obtain the latest trunk build and stick the newest private browsing patch into it so that it becomes available:

Without private browsing enabled, I am going to visit some web sites and make sure that they are displayed in the history sidebar, as they would normally.

Next, I am going to add a bookmark for a site I am on. I did it here through the star icon method of bookmarking a page.

Let me double check in the library to see that the bookmark is there. Adagio Tea’s great, visit count of 1, that’s right. I just visited once just now.

Lets say that I am now ready to enter private browsing mode. I am going to enter now, keep my same session open.

Since we’re in private browsing mode, the visit count on the same sites did not and should not ever increase. Let’s double check in the library.

Let’s visit some new sites under private browsing mode. Notice how my original sites I visited are still listed, but not the new websites because we are in private browsing mode.

Is my original bookmark still there? Yes it is. It’s there because bookmarking is not blocked under private browsing mode.

Let’s add another bookmark under private browsing mode

Lets exit private browsing mode and analyze what was recorded.

Excellent. This is exactly what I wanted. Both bookmarks retained and no new history items were inserted. The only history items available are those created prior to entry in private browsing mode. Everything was successful.

Notice CNN and Slashdot aren’t listed on the sidebar.

Hope this visual representation of my projects first testing area provides you with some insight.


– AaronMT

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