Impact Mozilla

Having watched a presentation today on none other than Mozilla Firefox, a statistic was presented that deemed Mozilla Firefox having (19.48%) of the worlds usage share of preferred internet browser. The statistic was pulled from Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt. Anyhow, if true, that’s great, preferred internet browser.

What is that supposed to mean? Preferred over what, preferred look, preferred feel?

Anyhow, now how many are actually using the browser on a day to day basis?

A second statistic was used, mentioning that Mozilla Firefox has reached tens of millions of downloads, but only 75% of all Mozilla downloads never get used!

A bit of searching around and it was revealed according to Mozilla, that that there is a critical dilemma.

“How do we get these past users back? And how do we keep future users active once they’ve downloaded Firefox?”

Who would of thought that this is a major issue? In fact, it’s a little distressing. So distressing that Mozilla has therefore launched a contest to get input on how to solve this problem.

It raises an interesting point, why are people downloading Mozilla Firefox, and not using it?

A majority of existing Firefox users upgrade to new versions, or did so with 3.0. So, existing users seem to like Firefox and want to stay with it, helping Firefox grow to roughly 20 percent of the global browser market.

But why are people letting it sit on the top shelf?

Any ideas?

– Aaron

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