Bugzilla Lab + Project Update

“Find 3+ bugs related to your project, and add them to your project wiki page”

Project related bug: Bug #248970

Bugs related to bug Bug #248970:

  • Dependencies:
  1. Bug #456884 – Provide a way to open a link to Private Browsing Mode
  2. Bug #457110 – Support in-memory DB for the downloads manager back-end
  • Blocker:
  1. Bug #454792 – Should safe browsing code react to private browsing mode?

I’ve learned that a blocker prevents basic functionality from working multiple functions,  everything related is unusable without an immediate fix.

Collaborative work with myself and my Mozilla contact is being done on Bug #457110 which implements a download manager back-end change.  Once my Mozilla contact submits a patch, the regular private browsing patch will be split up to limit each patch to a single unit [which include test cases], that will be asked for review.

My 0.1 release is going as planned as the places component is being tested properly during private browsing mode.

– Aaron

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