Mozilla Developer Day @ Seneca College : Day 2

Mozilla Developer Day @ Seneca College : Day 2

After a humble day of listening to the minds behind the Moz machine speak their minds and extend their knowledge at the second day of the Mozilla Developer Days at Seneca College, I am sitting back, drinking some ti kuan yin and collecting my thoughts. In essence, this was my first Mozilla Development conference, that I have ever attended, and I can graciously say that I was pleased to attend and thankful for listening to the many topics, discussions and lastly activities that unfolded during the morning and afternoon. Hopefully many more to come, including FSOSS ’08 in October.

Absorbing the material demonstrated through today’s topics (chrome testing, mochitest testing, javascript testing, memory leaks, etc) was vastly entertaining, as many of the topics were hands-on which is *my* preferred method of learning. Listening is not enough – observing and following the meticulous demonstrations and even laugh at the cute blunders during example provided me with a realistic understanding of the topics and presenters at hand.

As well, selecting the Mozilla-Testing stream provided me with an insight and possible peak at the project I picked last night, that, fundamentally deals with tests involved in the new Private Browsing feature unreleased in Firefox. Although I did not learn which presentation would exactly aid me, I listened to them all. Better all than none. Clint Talbert (QA Developer Engineer), a contact of whom I met early this morning, will graciously and thankfully offer his experience and and knowledge, for which I am appreciative.

Speaking of other developers, through meeting some of the the Mozilla Developers today, I openly embraced the fact that they are really down-to-earth people and in essence, provided me with a realistic look at the minds behind some of the greatest software out today. This idea was brilliantly, if not, strategically reinforced by Mike Beltzner’s T-Shirt, “I am not a Robot”. Genius. Let me know if you find a shirt, “I am not a Cylon”.

Meeting the attended Mozilla developers was a blast and learning about their roles at Mozilla, even for a brief moment before they presented, was useful knowledge.

Overall, I enjoyed this developer conference, it was an enlightening experience, a lot was learned and . I left with knowledge obtained and a sticker of a bird with gas problems.


Aaron T (AaronMT)

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